Neha Gupta

Neha is famous and among the top domain investor based out in India. She is tagged by many as “First Prominent Female Domain Investor” of Asia. Her Alma-mater is “IIT Roorkee”.She is a new age entrepreneur and founder of an IT company “Namaxis.com” based out in Noida where which provides domain acquisition, brokerage, consultation services along with complete digital marketing solutions worldwide.She is a high end domain investor with portfolio of 1000+ domain names. She is an industry influencer. She has spoken to different entrepreneul events and published in many magazines and blogs.

She is a mentor and coach of thousand of people turned entrepreneur across globe. She is inclined towards technology and see digital investment as most smart and promising futuristic investment with potential to make big long term profit as well fix monthly incomes. She is leading by passion to teach masses the domain investment as a sustainable career option which potentail to generate steady income and better lifestyle.Her seminars are full of practical information and deep knowledge with action plan.

Digital investment is most unexploited industry with huge potential to make money

Entrepreneul Journey

Very early, Neha had her interest in entrepreneurship.As a college student, when boys and girls of her age were looking for job, she was more of a dreamer.she would always look for tech based to start business and make money. One day, when she received a call from Godaddy Rep while she was in college lab stating that her only domain name “neharebels.com” which she bought one year ago for blogging was about to expire and if she wanted to renew it? After she refused, Godaddy offered her to sell domain name at Godaddy auction. As, this was not a sellable domain name but this idea got stuck in her mind.

Out of curiousity, she started researching on the industry and started investing some part of her stipend money in domain names but due to improper knowledge and lack of genuine information, she end up losing all and was de-motivated to work further on this. At end of his college year, she got an opportunity to be part of an entrepreneul yatra of himalayas where she met amazing entrepreneurs and get some idea about which boosted her confidence and she decided to give it a try again.As her college year came to end, as an IIT post-grad , she had plenty of opportunities but she was determined enough to make it work.She did not go for a job and keep working on her idea and after 6 more months, she made her first sale, a domain name which she bought for $10 and sold for $550. And then, there ws no looking back, she re-invested, and re-invested and created a big domain portfolio, a full fledged IT company, more than 1000 sales, many high4 fig and 5 fig sales , a 7 figure company turnover and a big name in industry.

She learnt that digital investment is not a quick rich industry but to get rich slowly.With persistent work and patience and right knowledge and guidance, anyone can start with an $10 initial investment and  make a sustainable career in the industry or generate huge profits in long term too. With this aim, she started coaching and mentoring people and created 1000+ successful investors. She is on the mission of creating an whole new breed of investors and helping people 


What My Students say about me

Arvind kalra

Neha Gupta does genuinely share his experience, skill, insight, and secrets in buying and selling domains! 🙂 This course is the first “domain name” investment you need in starting domaining!


"I made my first sale within a month after I finished taking classes here and I can nothing but thank her.


"I recommend Neha to others because she is the best teacher on internet real estate. My favourite part of the course are topics with relevant examples. Today I know I have made the right decision by investing my time in her course. The course has already changed my domaining strategy."


“This has been a great course and I plan to go through it again multiple times. Highlights are the personal experiences from Neha in her journey, reality checks (this is not a get rich quick scheme), info on running a business and tax implications, long term investing, and challenging self-check quizzes.”


“The clarity of the course was great. I invested in domain names during my study so I already had knowledge about domain investing. I really think new investors will be able to understand everything because it is very clear (the videos are excellent!). I also like the summary you can print before every section, and the negotiation case studies are also very valuable because that part is always tricky and there are a lot of techniques.”

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