Outbound marketing and its channel

It refers to distributing advertising messages about the sale of your domain in different channels. It normally uses the following  four channels:

  • Print media: press advertising, flyers, and leaflets that can be found in your mailbox, are a form of outbound marketing.
  • Outdoor advertising: billboards and advertising on lamp posts. This is simply advertising in public spaces, including bus and train.
  • TV and radio: TV and radio commercials are also a form of outbound marketing
  • Internet: advertising banners on external websites are counted as outbound marketing

Irrespective of the channel chosen, the aim is always to draw the target group’s attention to the advertised product or service. The push strategy is used to achieve this.

  • Push: the manufacturer wants his goods to be displayed in as noticeable away as possible on the retailers’ shelves in order to be seen by as many customers as possible

N/B: Pull strategy: as a result of massive branding efforts on the company’s part, there is a demand by customers for a certain product, so retailers are practically forced to include it in their product range

The company tries to convince the customer that they need this product by means of advertising or other measures, such as trial products. A classic push strategy in outbound marketing is sale stickers. These encourage customers to buy products that they may never have thought of purchasing. Other push strategy methods are:

  • Discount campaigns
  • Price discounts
  • Catalogue sales

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