Singular and Plural in domain names

When using a keyword domain name, using it in singular or plural form vastly affects the meaning. context, usage and value of domain name. Let’s understand how?

1.) Apple- is a generic keyword which can be used by any kind of brand like tech, finance, car etc. Here, we all know that is a big tech brand but if add s in it and turn it in, It represents a particular product that can be used for only selling Apples.

2.) Hair Dryer – would, therefore, be a generic keyword that describes a service the business offers and as such, using or would be misleading.

It is, therefore, safe to say that the choice or value of using singular or plural word in your domain name is entirely dependent on what you offer and the message you want to pass to your customers.

Furthermore, there are singular domain name that would sell better than plural domain names, and vice versa.

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