What are domain selling methods?

  1. Online domain market place.

If you’re looking to flip domain names for a profit, this is the best place to go to. Only that there’s plenty of competition out there when it comes to the trading of top-level-domains so yours better be good. Examples of the online domain market place are highlighted below:

1.1.eBay’s dedicated domain name marketplace. 

Users can list their domain names along with a description and desired price tag on eBay and interact with interested buyers.

1.2.The medium of dedicated platforms.

These digital marketplaces help website owners to advertise their domain name to interested buyers and accept offers from prospective suitors

2.Traditional methods

These are more old-fashioned ways of selling your domain, for example, you can advertise your domain for sale in your domain. By doing this,  you’re effectively putting it in the shop window for prospective buyers who have already demonstrated their interest by navigating on to your URL.

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